Construction Windhoek

Are you looking for top-notch Construction and Maintenance services in the Windhoek area? Are you a business or home-owner looking to spruce up your property? We provide the best construction contractors and professional builders in Windhoek, specialising in everything from property restoration to new home construction. Our building contractors are experts in their fields, ready to guide you through your project, offering solutions customised to your needs. Call one of our friendly operators today and make the first step towards getting the job done at an affordable price!

As one of the top construction companies in Windhoek, we can offer you the very best in both home construction and industrial construction. In need of a loft conversion? Our home builders will work to make your loft a comfortable, well crafted space. Are your business premises in need of expansion? Our professional but affordable builders can create new office spaces without breaking the bank. From entire project construction with our building contractors down to simple odd jobs with your local handyman, you have come to the best of the construction companies in Windhoek.


We offer a whole range of services, from building renovation to simply plastering a wall. If you call us today we’ll offer you a quote, free of charge. We’re confident that even if shop around, you’ll see that we’re the option for your construction needs. Whether it’s building restoration, installing stucco, basement construction or home extensions, we’re the best residential construction company in Windhoek and you won’t be disappointed.


Offering you a package tailored to your construction purposes, we do it all. We’ve recruited only the best in construction management, property renovation and industrial construction, so if you’re looking for experts for your project, we’re your one-stop shop in Windhoek. All you need is to do is call us, let us know what your project is then we’ll do the rest, sourcing the right materials including scaffolding and finding the right building contractor for you.


Finding the right handyman or professional builder can be a long and frustrating process, and once the work is done, there’s no guarantee that the work is up to scratch. A quick job is not always a good job, and expensive doesn’t necessarily mean professional. We aim to balance efficiency and affordability, whilst never sacrificing our friendly, enthusiastic attitude. Your needs come first and foremost – we aim to put the client at the centre of what we do.


Some builds require different types of contractor, which can be overwhelming to a client, but we have put together the best team of expert construction contractors in Windhoek to bring you an outstanding construction company. Whether it’s renovations, repairs or an entire new home construction, we hold the reputation as one of the best construction companies in the Windhoek area and it’s all at your disposal once you call us.


Property is a massive investment and we understand that you don’t want to leave your investment in the hands of contractors you can’t trust. From your first contact with us you’ll be assured that we’re here, every step of the way, to make your dream build happen. Our friendly advisers are ready to take your call, and put you in touch with the best professional builders in Windhoek. Call us now for a full list of our prices, and start working towards your dream build today.


Are you looking for a contractor to help you with your home extension? We’ve seen it all, and understand the difficulties in extending your home. Our professional builders can help you make sense of the red tape, ensure that scaffolding is safe and appropriate and construct the best home extensions in the Windhoek area. You only need to look at our recent constructions to see how well your will turn out!


If you’re looking to extend or refurbish your office premises, look no further than our team of affordable builders. With constant pressure to keep within budget, our building contractors know that your priorities as a business are to keep costs low but construction timely. With the best industrial construction team in the Windhoek area, your office construction will be delivered on time, to your specifications, within your budget. Call us now if you have project that needs a fast, efficient solution!


Have you ever thought of converting that empty attic into a workspace, kids den or new bedroom? We’ll help you release that space and turn into something wonderful. Our home builders the best in Windhoek, experts at loft construction, transforming and restore lofts into something exciting. It need not break the bank, either. You’ll get a free quote from us when you call.


Offering the best in home extensions, office construction and loft conversion, you’ll see why so many in Windhoek have turned to us for the best construction and maintenance services. Our construction contractors not only give you quality workmanship but a friendly service at the most competitive price in the Windhoek area.


We’re highly recommended in the field of industrial construction – serving a wide range of manufacturers and factories. If you’re looking for a company who can deliver quality construction for your business then we’re the ones to call. Many of our professional builders have years of industrial experience, well aware of the constraints within the field. With an eye for health and safety, our construction contractors will work to deliver a safe, effective working environment for businesses in need of project construction throughout Windhoek.


If you are looking for professional builders for basement construction, there is no better construction service in Windhoek. From excavation, steel reinforcement to waterproofing, we’re here to cover all of your needs in creating a comfortable space for your family. With our professional builders and excavators, we understand how difficult it can be to plan and execute a good build on a basement – so call our Windhoek office now and we can give you friendly advice on how to start planning your basement construction.


Even if it’s just a small, one-off job your are looking to get done – we’ve got that covered too! Our top-notch maintenance services covers small jobs with some of the most affordable builders and offer an expert handyman, local to Windhoek, to take care of your maintenance needs. Our affordable home builders can also tackle stucco installation, building renovation and building restoration, all at the most affordable rates in Windhoek.


Whether it’s industrial construction, a decent handyman, or an affordable builder to carry out property renovation, contact us, the best construction service in Windhoek, and see your project realised. Our friendly customer service advisers are waiting for your call and will get you the help you need for a minimum cost.

We understand the need to foster a good customer relationship, and our reputation is key to creating client confidence. If you know someone in the Windhoek area who has used our premium construction contractors, speak to them today and you’ll hear how reliable we are – whether its our bespoke solutions to tricky jobs or our meticulous building renovation services. Don’t just take our word for it. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, just speak to one of our advisors today and you’ll see that we put you at the heart of our business.


All our construction builders have been selected for their expertise, certifcates and qualifications, so when we say we have the most qualified building contractors in Windhoek, we’ve got the paper to prove it! Our building restoration team take pride in their work, maintaining the aesthetic of each property they work on, be it detailed stucco work, keeping untidy scaffolding to minimum, or ensuring that a property restoration keeps the original designs in mind, we proud to contribute to the building heritage of Windhoek.

We know that you’ll need a clear and honest answer to the issues of your project. You might have questions such as: ‘Is my project achievable? Is it affordable? How quickly can it be done?” Call us now and you’ll receive not only a free quote, but clear, honest answers from an expert. Once we’ve established solutions for building project, our professional builders will survey your property, anywhere in the Windhoek area, bring in our own equipment and scaffolding, and set to work. Our construction management will handle the particulars, always on hand to answer any of your questions and respond to any specific request you have concerning your home construction, office construction, or building renovation and we’re right in the Windhoek area, so you’ll know we’re just minutes away if you need us to visit you.


You’ll love our service and your wallet will too. We lead the way in cost-conscious construction companies in the Windhoek area, and our home construction services will leave feeling secure in the future of your business or property. We handle everything from simple maintenance services to full project construction, so you know that where construction services in the Windhoeka area is concerned, we’re the first stop.